Well...it's been a while!

>> Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yeah! Funny how life slips up on you, and you remember, one day, that you have a blog...and probably haven't posted in, like, FOREVER. So you do. Guess that's what this is.

It actually started with my blog header. Like it?  It's new. I made it myself...in My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! Watched a great tutorial...then did it. It's a start anyway.

It's been almost 2 years since I've posted. I haven't been inkin' that whole time, LOL, but a lot of it. I've knitted and crocheted...and PAINTED...and made a HAT!  New hobbies?  Maybe.

There's this great place on the square in Murray called Creative Canvas. Jill, the owner, gives classes Tue-Sat. IT'S AWESOME! This is the first painting.  I thought it turned out ok for my first attempt.  How hard can it be to mess up flowers?  Lesson 1 : mix enough color to use...you will NEVER get the same color again.  She didn't teach us this...I just picked it up on my own.  I'm good like that. LOL.

This is the second attempt.  Lesson 2 : mix more than enough color to use...you will NEVER get the same color again.  I tried...really I did.  Globs of color.  But I still ran out.  Guess it turned out ok anyway.  If you know me...I LOVE lighthouses, and palm trees, and pink flamingos.

My next attempt is going to be a Spanish House with palm trees.  I'm so excited about that.  It's this coming Tuesday!  Maybe I can talk her into a flamingo sometime!

Lets see...oh yes!  HATS!  I made a hat today.  Aleeah finds the FUNNEST things for us to do. How could we resist the chance to make a church hat? Anywho...Playhouse in the Park is putting on the production of "Crowns" adapted from this book, "Crowns : Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats" by Michael Cunningham & Craig Marberry.

Mine started out as this...a hat form. I have been thinking about what I wanted to do for a month now.  I knew I wanted it to be black, with pleats & netting over the front.   Picture "funeral hat".  Maybe with a small splash of red.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  That's me laughing like a hyena (around 1:30 pm) after I'd taken apart what I had done (3 hrs. b4 lunch) to start again!  Now mind you...I've never attempted to decorate a hat before.  So what I envisioned...and what resulted...were SO not the same.  Here's what really happened.

It turned out to be shiny blue...with LOTS-O-PLEATS...and a top knot...and a pseudo-flower.  How's that for vision?  I really tried hard to get 3 small pleats on one side and 5 bigger pleats on the other.  And the rest smooth.  Slinky, stretchy, blue material was probably not the best choice for those pleats.  But I LOVED that blue material.  So at roughly 4.5 hours into a 3 hr. workshop...this was the result.  I'm actually happy with it.  It came together in the last 45 minutes really well.  AND...I wasn't the last to finish! (Cause my sewing skillz are nothing to write home about!)

Anyway.  I got a free ticket to the play.  Can't wait to see it!  Hope they wear my hat at some point during it.  That would be SO COOL!  AND...we get our hat back after the play.  I don't know if I'm wearing mine to church or not.  I really don't have a slinky, blue metallic dress/shoes/gloves/handbag to go with it.  I could go shopping though!  Aleeah?.........ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!   LOL!

Oh, BTW...Aleeah's turned out AMAZING!  Black & white stripes/pleats.  She's got some mad glue gun skillz! :-)  Hope they wear hers too.

Well, guess that should be it for tonight.  It's almost midnight.  Anything else major happen in the last 18 months?  OHHHHHH.  I've lost 87 lbs.  But I guess that's for another post.

Tonya ~; }