>> Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm trying to edit my blog template AGAIN. It's not doing what it said it would do. There should be a WONDERFUL picture of an ocean with a palm's not there. :-(

I'll keep trying till I find the right one...oh, actually I DID find the right one. It has an error, and I can't upload it. It figures!


Happy New Year! 2009

>> Thursday, January 1, 2009

WOW! Can you believe it? It's 2009! Hard to imagine so far. Today has been "Saturday" all day long. I think it's really Thursday. Right?'s good to be back. Maybe if I keep this post short -- the rest of my posts for the year will be short. That's the way it's supposed to work right. Whatever you do on January 1st you will be doing all year.

If that's true -- I'll never get out of my pj's. LOL. Seriously. I guess I'll be sleeping late, making cards, listening to music, eating leftovers and blogging. How am I going to work WORK into my schedule? Oh yeah, Brian cooked breakfast this morning. Gotta love that. He's going to be cooking me breakfast all year. (OK, I have to admit, he already does that most Saturdays. That's the only morning we get to eat together.) Oh well.

Let see...what's been happening in my world?
1) Christmas was awesome again. I have the greatest family in the whole world.

2) New Year's Eve was hilarious. I have the best church family in the whole world.

3) Two weeks off is spectacular! But I dread having to get up early next Monday. I'm definitely ready to go back to work. Just not ready to get up early. These two weeks have really spoiled me. As if I needed THAT!

Confessions time : I didn't send out Christmas cards this year. I know, I know...don't stone me. I made maybe 60, and 40 of those were a small, tag-like cards for church. I do want to make some "after Cmas, after NYD" cards. Haven't come up with anything I like yet.

I have made cards this week. I'll try to post them later. Definitely cases. I'll let you know who I cased them from too.

Guess that all for now. I'm in the middle of scanning all of the cards (made yesterday). Sooooo, until (dare I say tomorrow?) the next post.