Where I've Been & Where I'm Going

>> Thursday, March 29, 2012

So to pin this photo on Pinterest...it has to be from a website or blog...I hope.

Just playing around tonight.  But thinking that I would not have been to many of these places if not for Brian...or at least not yet.  We've had some wild rides in the semi/his work. Vacations for me : work for him. LOL

Anyway...I think I'd like to get a bike, and be comfortable riding on roads, not just practice lots, and see the states I've missed that way. Someday! LOL!

If anyone has a good bike (not a crotch-rocket) that they'd like to give me...I'll be happy to take it!  I'm looking at a Yamaha's & Suzuki's right now.  Preferrably used, but not too badly!  TIA! LOL!


Well...it's been a while!

>> Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yeah! Funny how life slips up on you, and you remember, one day, that you have a blog...and probably haven't posted in, like, FOREVER. So you do. Guess that's what this is.

It actually started with my blog header. Like it?  It's new. I made it myself...in My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! Watched a great tutorial...then did it. It's a start anyway.

It's been almost 2 years since I've posted. I haven't been inkin' that whole time, LOL, but a lot of it. I've knitted and crocheted...and PAINTED...and made a HAT!  New hobbies?  Maybe.

There's this great place on the square in Murray called Creative Canvas. Jill, the owner, gives classes Tue-Sat. IT'S AWESOME! This is the first painting.  I thought it turned out ok for my first attempt.  How hard can it be to mess up flowers?  Lesson 1 : mix enough color to use...you will NEVER get the same color again.  She didn't teach us this...I just picked it up on my own.  I'm good like that. LOL.

This is the second attempt.  Lesson 2 : mix more than enough color to use...you will NEVER get the same color again.  I tried...really I did.  Globs of color.  But I still ran out.  Guess it turned out ok anyway.  If you know me...I LOVE lighthouses, and palm trees, and pink flamingos.

My next attempt is going to be a Spanish House with palm trees.  I'm so excited about that.  It's this coming Tuesday!  Maybe I can talk her into a flamingo sometime!

Lets see...oh yes!  HATS!  I made a hat today.  Aleeah finds the FUNNEST things for us to do. How could we resist the chance to make a church hat? Anywho...Playhouse in the Park is putting on the production of "Crowns" adapted from this book, "Crowns : Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats" by Michael Cunningham & Craig Marberry.

Mine started out as this...a hat form. I have been thinking about what I wanted to do for a month now.  I knew I wanted it to be black, with pleats & netting over the front.   Picture "funeral hat".  Maybe with a small splash of red.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  That's me laughing like a hyena (around 1:30 pm) after I'd taken apart what I had done (3 hrs. b4 lunch) to start again!  Now mind you...I've never attempted to decorate a hat before.  So what I envisioned...and what resulted...were SO not the same.  Here's what really happened.

It turned out to be shiny blue...with LOTS-O-PLEATS...and a top knot...and a pseudo-flower.  How's that for vision?  I really tried hard to get 3 small pleats on one side and 5 bigger pleats on the other.  And the rest smooth.  Slinky, stretchy, blue material was probably not the best choice for those pleats.  But I LOVED that blue material.  So at roughly 4.5 hours into a 3 hr. workshop...this was the result.  I'm actually happy with it.  It came together in the last 45 minutes really well.  AND...I wasn't the last to finish! (Cause my sewing skillz are nothing to write home about!)

Anyway.  I got a free ticket to the play.  Can't wait to see it!  Hope they wear my hat at some point during it.  That would be SO COOL!  AND...we get our hat back after the play.  I don't know if I'm wearing mine to church or not.  I really don't have a slinky, blue metallic dress/shoes/gloves/handbag to go with it.  I could go shopping though!  Aleeah?.........ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!   LOL!

Oh, BTW...Aleeah's turned out AMAZING!  Black & white stripes/pleats.  She's got some mad glue gun skillz! :-)  Hope they wear hers too.

Well, guess that should be it for tonight.  It's almost midnight.  Anything else major happen in the last 18 months?  OHHHHHH.  I've lost 87 lbs.  But I guess that's for another post.

Tonya ~; }


Happy Blogaversary!!!!

>> Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Blogaversary to me!
Happy Blogaversary to me!

It's the 2d anniversary of my first blog post. I was playing aroung the other night, rereading my posts, and noticed that the first one was May 16, 2008. I can't believe it's been 2 years.

I haven't posted much. But there were a few memorable things that I saw while going back through them. First was 6/2/08...my very young friend, Noah, had given me a big hug and told me he loved me...during the song service that Sunday morning. Gosh...I still get goose bumps thinking about it. It was the sweetest thing. He's getting SO big! He'll be 6 soon. WOW! Ok, gotta stop thinkin' about that.

Next was 3/23/09. Shanna (my sister) making it past her 8th week of pregnancy. It was such a very happy time. I can only imagine how happy she and Jonathan were...cause I KNOW we were crazy happy.

[Rabbit to chase...I'm watching The Owl Box live right now. One of the owlets has stepped out on the perch. I believe he stepped out last night for the first time. I'M SO EXCITED TO GET TO WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's probably Max -- the first hatched. Two others (Pattison & Austin probably) have their heads in the opening watching. IT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Max is flapping his wings a lot. I'm sure he loves that since it's so crowded in the box w/3 other owls. They're so much bigger now. It's getting crowded even though it is a big box.

I think Pattison wants to get out there so badly too. His head is out -- it just looks like he wants to hop out there too. This is SO COOL. Have I said that already? LOL.

You don't have to agree with me on this...that's ok. You have the right to your opinion, and I respect that...respect me too. It's just mind boggling to think about how God created/creates every living creature...from the birds and fish to cows/dogs/cats/zebras/[insert any living creature here] AND humans. AND he created all the vegetation too...AND everything else that we know (and don't know yet). And you know He's gotta have a great sense of humor...just look at the platypus. :-) I think that's one of the funniest looking creatures I've ever seen. I'm sure I look pretty funny to them too! Anyway...back to God's creation and owls. Ooooooh, here comes Austin, I think, looking out to see what's going on.

Anyway (again)...it has just been an incredible experience to watch these owls/owlets hatch, grow and mature. I'm going to be really sad when they all fledge. Hopefully that won't be for several weeks. Wesley (the 4th) is still a lot smaller than Max and a lot fuzzier. So maybe we still have some time. Oh, he just went back "inside". hmmm is that Pattison looking out now? I was typing and did see what happened. I think it is. He's got a fuzzier chest. I don't think he's brave enough to come out yet. And they're very hungry. They're calling for food. It's very noisy in there. Oh...one foot out! Now back in. You can do it Pattison. You just watched Max. You saw how easy it was. You can do it. Think you can...think you can. HE DID IT!!!!!!!!! Way to go Pattison! He's on the perch. Yep, consensus is that this is Pattison (2d hatched). And Austin (3d hatched) still in doorway opening.

I think they're hissing for food. Molly & McGee haven't shown up yet with any food. I'd hate for Pattison to fall off if they decided to "drop by" right about now. heeheehee That would be mean.

[another rabbit...ever go camping and have to sleep cramped up? Then the next morning getting out and stretching? I think that's probably what the owlets are feeling like now. They haven't been able to flap and stretch their wings completely yet. That's gotta feel good.]

Well. I guess I should go now. This has been an awesome way to spend a 2d Blogaversary. Maybe next year I'll revisit this and see if Carlos & Donna still have a web cam on their owl box. (BTW, they're going to get in the RV and take a LONG vacation after all the owlets fledge. They deserve it. They've been watching this owl box since January. Thank you so much, Carlos & Donna (and Austin for the technology help). You have given us a precious glimpse into the lives of this set of God's creation -- and your lives too -- and introduced us to so many new people...via chat/Twitter/FB/books/cartoons/etc. What a wonderful community to grow out of your kindness to keep up with Molly, McGee & Co. [Pattison goes in for now. Maybe Molly/McGee will bring some food.]

Ok, one last Blogaversary milestone...9/16/09...me being 3 weeks late in posting anything about Brooke Lillian Burgess (born 8/27/09)! That's ok though. It was time spent WITH her instead on of the computer. She's still the most beautiful baby on the earth, IMHO. Got to spend a little bit with her last night. What a personality! She is SO precious (as only an Aunt can think she is). I can't believe she's 8.5 months old already. I do have to admit that it's been more fun watching her grow up than then owls. Sorry Molly/Carlos. *snicker*.

Ok. Off to bed now. I've seen the owls come out to the perch. I really wanted to see that tonight. I'm glad they came out early (I think it was between 2-3am last night).

Until next time...

TKST ~; }


Molly the Owl

>> Friday, May 14, 2010

If you haven't heard of Molly the Owl yet...check her out HERE or HERE. We're (I should say THEY) are on "fledge watch". The owlets should fledge any time now.

I've watched them for the past 3 months. There was just one owlet that had hatched when I started watching. I didn't get to see any of them hatch...except later on video (YouTube).

It's been an amazing journey watching them grow. There are 4 (of 6 eggs, 1st broke, and 6th didn't hatch). The "parents" are Molly and McGee. They are common barn owls. They've nested in an owl box in San Marcos, CA, in the back yard of Carlos and Donna Royal.

I have to say that Carlos and Donna are the most AMAZING couple. I can't imagine how this owlbox/owls/webcam has truly changed their lives. Carlos talks about it being unbelievable how fast it's spread. Millions of watchers from all over the world. It's truly become a phenomenon.

The owlets are (in order of hatching) Max, Pattison, Austin (for their grandson, the tech guy), and Wesley. I haven't heard if they have been "sexed" yet...if they know if they are male/female. They just gave them all male names.

I just know Max is going to fledge tomorrow night (55 days) -- and I won't be home, watching, to see it. I wish he would fledge right now...I need to go to bed. But then I'd probably still be up watching to see him fly again.

Well -- it's late, AGAIN, and I need to pack up stuff for a crop tomorrow. I can't wait to see my "Friday night" friends! It's been SO long!

I'm going to try to post again on Sunday. It will be my 2 year BLOGAVERSARY!

I'm going before I start rambling again.

TKST ~; }


Where have I been?

>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I didn't fall off the face of the earth...really! I can't believe I haven't posted since September...of LAST YEAR! Yes I can. I've wanted to post -- just something always comes up when I get ready to do it. Not that I haven't been busy or anything. I won't try to catch up. I'll just say that I'm still busy, but I'm going to try to make time to post more regularly.

I'll have to do some highlights...Brooke turned 1 mo., then 2 mos., then 3...now she's almost 8 months old. She is the most precious little girl. She's found her voice and has learned to squeal. She gets so excited when she squeals and everyone notices her. It's quite cute.

She's also pretty good at reverse in her walker. It makes her mad when she gets stuck and can't go anywhere else. She's definitely got a temper...from both sides of the family probably.

Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's/Spring Break all went well. Brooke got to open her presents first this year -- well, Shanna opened them for her. We start with the youngest and end with Dad, the oldest. He tries to be patient...and usually is, but he's really ready to open them by the time it get to him.

We always have a great time. I'm so thankful that all my family gets along really well. There were 20 people there. Three were not immediate family : my m-i-l, my s-i-l's aunt, and my niece's boyfriend. So there were 17 family members present. 10 didn't get to make it. The house would have REALLY been crowded if everyone had shown up. It's a good thing that some of the guys can't sit still. That keeps the living room from being uber crowded. Mom & Dad are just going to have to build on a bigger living room for us! heeheehee

Ok, that's it for tonight. I'm trying multi-focal contacts. They're not working too well. I need to get them out. Today is the first day I've had them in. Last week I tried regular contacts. I liked them. It took a little bit to get used to. And lots of patience trying to put them in. I'm much quicker now. Still have to have a mirror though. Hey, it's only been 8 day.... I'll try the multi-focal ones again tomorrow to see if the right eye clears up any. It's kinda fuzzy.

Good night anyone that happens to stumble upon my blog.


Bad Auntie T...

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am such a bad Auntie T! Three weeks old tomorrow and I haven't even posted a picture on my blog. Shame on me!

I guess I'll probably have to take the growing baby gadget off since she's already here. She's not due till next Wednesday...LOL. I guess she decided SHE was ready to face the world. I don't know though..she's always been asleep when I've been around her.

Anyway...I know you want to see the pictures and not read about her. She's beautiful (even if she does look like Jonathan...for now). I can see Shanna in her sometimes too...but mostly Jonathan. Bless her heart. :-)

Without further ado...

Brooke Lillian Burgess
August 27, 2009 5:22 pm
6 lb. 9 oz. 18.5 in.
I think this one looks like Shanna above. I definitely see her cheeks! She was just a couple of hours old here. Pretty peaceful. She didn't like being cleaned up. She's got Jonathan's lungs! When the nurses finally left her alone -- she was contented. She was very brave when they typed her blood (I think that's what they did anyway). She got mad when they rubbed the alcohol swab on her foot. Then they poked her...I cried. She cried for 2 seconds and realized it wasn't so bad. Didn't seem to faze her at all. She went right back to sleep! Isn't the bow adorable? They stuck it in her hair w/KY jelly. LOL

This is Uncle Brian holding her @ 3 days old. She (and mommy) missed her "Family & Friends Shower". The shower was the 30th. Even though she wasn't there -- everyone got to see pictures. AND THE CLOTHES...holy cow! She won't need clothes till she's 2 -- maybe 3. She probably has more clothes that Brian and I have together. She likes to be swaddled. At least they keep her that way. She's about the size of a football. This pic looks more like Jonathan...but cute in a baby-sorta-way. All wrapped up and cozy!

Last but not least...this was taken this past Friday (15 days old) I think. She STILL hasn't woken up for me. That's ok. She'll wake up soon enough. Isn't she beautiful?! The sweetest thing on earth right now. She is definitely one loved little girl. She's got the sweetest, softest, most kissable cheeks...and doesn't seem to mind being kissed. She just sleeps right through.

It's the hardest thing not to go over and see her every day -- but I control myself. I could just sit and hold her for hours...looking at her. Babies are just amazing! So tiny and helpless...yet she has everyone wrapped around her finger already. You should see Granny & Papaw (my parents). They have to see her at least once a week. You'd think this was their first grandchild (it's not -- she's the 5th)! But she's the baby of the baby. Shanna's the youngest...and youngest girl. So she's got a double whammy of being spoiled!

Guess that's all for now. I need to go to bed early for once...and my back is starting to hurt. Off to find an ice-pack.

Thanks for looking at Brooke baby. I know you think she's the sweetest too!




Dad's Day

>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here is the card I made for Dad for Father's Day. I used a couple of retired stamps on this : Flannel Plaid (background, you can barely see it) and Fly Fishing -- but they are two of my favorites. I also used a new set called Oval All. The colors are Not Quite Navy, Bashful Blue, and Chocolate Chip. I really like this color combo. I like the way it turned out.

I picked the fishing image because Dad REALLY loves to fish. I don't know if he's ever "fly fished", but I'm sure he's probably wanted to. He doesn't get to go fishin' much anymore. His health is just not what it used to be. But he still love to eat fish. I guess that's where I got my love of fish. I haven't met a fish I didn't like -- except that stupid catfish that finned my knee one summer when I was a teenager (thank you Brent...). Guess that's a story for another time. Oh well!

Anyway! I hope Dad had a good day. We (siblings) decided not to make Mom cook too much -- she hasn't been feeling well. But she DID cook more than she should have. We all brought food. Yummy! And we can't really have a get-together without Debbie's sugar-free banana pudding. YUM! She make is especially for Dad -- he's diabetic. I made Death by Cream Cheese. YUM also. Hmmm. Think I'll have a piece for my bday. Oh yeah. Happy birthday to me! (I'm not really ADD). Gotta go now. That DbCC is calling my name!