Where have I been?

>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I didn't fall off the face of the earth...really! I can't believe I haven't posted since September...of LAST YEAR! Yes I can. I've wanted to post -- just something always comes up when I get ready to do it. Not that I haven't been busy or anything. I won't try to catch up. I'll just say that I'm still busy, but I'm going to try to make time to post more regularly.

I'll have to do some highlights...Brooke turned 1 mo., then 2 mos., then 3...now she's almost 8 months old. She is the most precious little girl. She's found her voice and has learned to squeal. She gets so excited when she squeals and everyone notices her. It's quite cute.

She's also pretty good at reverse in her walker. It makes her mad when she gets stuck and can't go anywhere else. She's definitely got a temper...from both sides of the family probably.

Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's/Spring Break all went well. Brooke got to open her presents first this year -- well, Shanna opened them for her. We start with the youngest and end with Dad, the oldest. He tries to be patient...and usually is, but he's really ready to open them by the time it get to him.

We always have a great time. I'm so thankful that all my family gets along really well. There were 20 people there. Three were not immediate family : my m-i-l, my s-i-l's aunt, and my niece's boyfriend. So there were 17 family members present. 10 didn't get to make it. The house would have REALLY been crowded if everyone had shown up. It's a good thing that some of the guys can't sit still. That keeps the living room from being uber crowded. Mom & Dad are just going to have to build on a bigger living room for us! heeheehee

Ok, that's it for tonight. I'm trying multi-focal contacts. They're not working too well. I need to get them out. Today is the first day I've had them in. Last week I tried regular contacts. I liked them. It took a little bit to get used to. And lots of patience trying to put them in. I'm much quicker now. Still have to have a mirror though. Hey, it's only been 8 day.... I'll try the multi-focal ones again tomorrow to see if the right eye clears up any. It's kinda fuzzy.

Good night anyone that happens to stumble upon my blog.