Bad Auntie T...

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am such a bad Auntie T! Three weeks old tomorrow and I haven't even posted a picture on my blog. Shame on me!

I guess I'll probably have to take the growing baby gadget off since she's already here. She's not due till next Wednesday...LOL. I guess she decided SHE was ready to face the world. I don't know though..she's always been asleep when I've been around her.

Anyway...I know you want to see the pictures and not read about her. She's beautiful (even if she does look like Jonathan...for now). I can see Shanna in her sometimes too...but mostly Jonathan. Bless her heart. :-)

Without further ado...

Brooke Lillian Burgess
August 27, 2009 5:22 pm
6 lb. 9 oz. 18.5 in.
I think this one looks like Shanna above. I definitely see her cheeks! She was just a couple of hours old here. Pretty peaceful. She didn't like being cleaned up. She's got Jonathan's lungs! When the nurses finally left her alone -- she was contented. She was very brave when they typed her blood (I think that's what they did anyway). She got mad when they rubbed the alcohol swab on her foot. Then they poked her...I cried. She cried for 2 seconds and realized it wasn't so bad. Didn't seem to faze her at all. She went right back to sleep! Isn't the bow adorable? They stuck it in her hair w/KY jelly. LOL

This is Uncle Brian holding her @ 3 days old. She (and mommy) missed her "Family & Friends Shower". The shower was the 30th. Even though she wasn't there -- everyone got to see pictures. AND THE CLOTHES...holy cow! She won't need clothes till she's 2 -- maybe 3. She probably has more clothes that Brian and I have together. She likes to be swaddled. At least they keep her that way. She's about the size of a football. This pic looks more like Jonathan...but cute in a baby-sorta-way. All wrapped up and cozy!

Last but not least...this was taken this past Friday (15 days old) I think. She STILL hasn't woken up for me. That's ok. She'll wake up soon enough. Isn't she beautiful?! The sweetest thing on earth right now. She is definitely one loved little girl. She's got the sweetest, softest, most kissable cheeks...and doesn't seem to mind being kissed. She just sleeps right through.

It's the hardest thing not to go over and see her every day -- but I control myself. I could just sit and hold her for hours...looking at her. Babies are just amazing! So tiny and helpless...yet she has everyone wrapped around her finger already. You should see Granny & Papaw (my parents). They have to see her at least once a week. You'd think this was their first grandchild (it's not -- she's the 5th)! But she's the baby of the baby. Shanna's the youngest...and youngest girl. So she's got a double whammy of being spoiled!

Guess that's all for now. I need to go to bed early for once...and my back is starting to hurt. Off to find an ice-pack.

Thanks for looking at Brooke baby. I know you think she's the sweetest too!